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Studio 3 Dance Academy dancers thrive in true and noble training. Our teachers provide step by step execution of mature techniques, to proper mental training, preparing dancers to perform with a smile on their face and a judgment-free posture to do their best.



At Studio 3 Dance Academy, we believe that dancing is more than just a physical activity. It can be an outlet for self-expression and creativity, and help people find joy in their lives. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality instruction and a positive environment for our students. 

With the opening of our new studio, we have a range of classes available for dancers of all ages and skill levels. We think everyone deserves the opportunity to show their creative side through movement regardless of age, gender, or experience level. Our classes can be customized to fit any lifestyle or schedule. 

Whichever form of dance you or your child is interested in–whether it be tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, etc. –our experienced instructors will help each student reach their goals. Our teaching style is about having fun while learning, and we strive to make our classes enjoyable and positive. Read on for a closer look at the different classes we offer! 


Jazz is unique among dances for its zesty movements and upbeat music. It is all about expression, movement, and technique. 

Signup for the chance to move and groove with a high-energy jazz class. Our instructors provide an upbeat atmosphere for students to explore different styles of jazz movements, from isolations to turns and jumps. 

Not only is this style of dance fun and energizing, but it also helps build coordination, flexibility, strength, and musicality. Jazz classes allow students to break out of their shell and explore a new dance style.


Nothing captures the grace and beauty of dance like ballet! This timeless, classic dance style is a great way to build strength, flexibility, and coordination. It is the foundation of all other forms of dance. 

At Studio 3 Dance Academy, we will provide positive guidance for students as they learn the fundamentals of classical ballet. We ensure that each student feels comfortable and confident as they move through various positions and turns. 

In our ballet classes, students will learn the proper techniques and terminology to help them become a better dancer. As students progress in their technique, they will also have the opportunity to explore more creative aspects of ballet, such as choreography and performance.

Hip Hop

This upbeat and high-energy dance style is perfect for anyone who likes to let their personalities shine through. From poppin’ and lockin’ to breakdancing, students will learn all the hottest moves. 

We believe hip-hop is more than a dance style, it’s an experience. Our instructors will guide your students through different moves so they can learn how to express themselves skillfully in this ever-changing genre. Classes will also help youngsters develop strength, rhythm, flexibility, and stamina by teaching them various grooves. 

Through our classes, students will learn the basics of hip-hop, such as the different rhythms and techniques. As students progress, they can explore more creative aspects of this dance style and discover their unique moves. Who knows, maybe your little one will be the next big star in hip-hop! 

Mommy & Me

Give your child an opportunity to bond with you through our Mommy & Me classes. This unique program combines structured activities and creative play for a fun and educational experience. 

Our instructors will guide both parent and child as they learn how to move together in sync. Through movement, music, and stories, these classes also help spark your child’s imagination and encourage them to be more expressive. Our classes are perfect for families with children of any age and can be customized based on each family’s needs. 

The Mommy & Me program allows you and your little one to share an experience. You’ll watch your child grow their confidence, coordination, balance, and creativity. Don’t miss out on these special moments!


Contemporary dance style blends ballet, jazz, and modern techniques. It incorporates fluid movements and dynamic transitions to help dancers push their boundaries. 

Our contemporary classes are all about exploration and expression. We will guide students through different exercises that encourage them to explore a variety of movements. They can develop their dance style with a focus on musicality and technique.

Students will also learn to communicate through movement while building confidence in their abilities. These classes will teach students how to use their body as artistic tools. You won’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity!


Don’t forget about the classic art of tap dancing! Our tap classes are designed to help students learn the fundamentals of this style, from timing and rhythm to technique and coordination. You’ll be amazed at how quickly students will progress in their tapping abilities. 

Tap students will have a blast as they stomp and clap their way through various patterns and combinations. Through engaging music and exercises, these classes will help bring out creativity and sense of rhythm. 

Tap dancing is an important skill for any dancer. We strive to provide a positive and supportive environment that explores the possibilities of this unique style. It’s sure to be a toe-tapping good time! 

Singing & Acting

Bring out your inner performer with our singing and acting classes! Our instructors will guide students through various activities to help them develop their vocal and performing skills. 

These classes are designed for students of all ages and skill levels. We will teach the basics of vocal technique, practice projecting their voice, and explore proper microphone techniques. Through interactive games and exercises, they will be able to discover the joys of singing and acting, as well as build their confidence in performing. 

Practice improvisation and character development while having fun with fellow students. It’s sure to be a show-stopping experience! 

Stretch & Strength

Our Stretch & Strength classes are great for dancers of all levels. We offer a variety of stretches and exercises to help students build strength, flexibility, and balance. Not to mention, this class is a great way for everyone to stay active and healthy. 

Our instructors will guide students through different stretches and exercises while emphasizing proper technique to reduce the chance of injury. As they progress throughout their classes, they will be able to develop a stronger sense of control over their body and personal fitness goals. 

These classes help students improve their technique and performance and are essential for aspiring dancers. With our stretch and strength classes, they can reach their full potential!


For those who love to move and groove, our Zumba classes are a perfect choice. Learn Latin-inspired dance moves as they shake and shimmy their way through the routines. 

Our Zumba classes focus on having fun while exercising. Students can express themselves and gain confidence in their movements. Our instructors will provide a high-energy atmosphere as they teach students how to stay fit and healthy. 

Zumba is a great way to kick-start your physical activity, develop coordination, and build strength. You won’t want to miss out on this exciting and entertaining class!


For those adventurous dancers, we offer Acro classes. Students will be able to learn and explore a variety of movements and sequences. 

Our classes focus on teaching students proper technique while encouraging them to push their boundaries and take risks. Hands-on instruction will teach them how to execute different tricks and skills safely and properly. 

This is a great way for students to gain strength and coordination while learning the skills of Acro. We guarantee an action-packed experience!



Studio 3 Dance Academy was established in 2022, with the help of three minds that all had one common goal. A dance mom, an instructor, and a loving businessman asked, “How can we create a space that people are truly happy to be in? A place for dancers to perform, grow, and have fun. A place to call home.”

Three caring, dance minded patrons laid out blueprints for a new way of developing dancers. A perfect mix of dance excellence, a caring community, and a foundation of what is right and just. This blueprint was carefully designed with one question in mind, “How can we best serve young dancers?”


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Partner, Studio Director & Artistic Director